General Terms and Conditions


According to our licence granted by the City of Heidelberg we offer transportation services to passengers in hired cars in accordance with §49 PBefG (Passenger Transportation Act). The services we offer are: airport shuttle service, private and business journeys and other chauffeurservices.

1. Bookings

A contract of carriage between a party (herein after called the customer) and us (herein after called HLS) is executed in the manner it is booked by telephone, by fax or in writing. A booking is only valid if it has been confirmed by HLS. We reserve our right to decline a booking. The customer is only entitled to be transported on the agreed date from the agreed pick-up point to the agreed destination. We charge an additional express fee of €20 for bookings out of our office hours and for bookings at short notice. Short notice bookings are defined as following: bookings for the same day and bookings made after 17:00 for the following day.

The same fee applies if a booking is changed during these times.


2. Changes to Bookings

Our office has to be notified of any changes to bookings in advance and these changes have to be confirmed by us prior to the booking, prices may change if necessary. Our drivers can only make changes to a booking if:

a) these changes are discussed with and agreed to by HLS,

b) these changes do not exceed the usual scope of a chauffeur service.

HLS is not liable for damages or proper performance due to initial inability and primary

impossibility (q.v. 5.). This also applies if the service cannot be performed due to unexpected damage to one of our vehicles. HLS will take care of a proper replacement.


3. Airport Shuttle Bookings

We transport our customers according to the bookings – from door to door (i.e. to/from the terminal). At the airport we always pick-up our customers at the designated meeting point within the terminal. The customer is obliged to find our driver who is waiting at the meeting point holding a sign with the customer’s name and/or the company name. We always aim to be on time, even if the departure or arrival times change on short notice. If the departure or arrival times change drastically – that is 60+ minutes – the customer is obliged to notify our main office as soon as possible to ensure he can be picked up on time. The customer is liable for any damages arising from late notification (e.g. the customer has to pay for bookings if they are not cancelled/changed on time,

q.v. 6.). Our drivers are obliged to wait at the meeting point for up to 60 minutes after landing and to have your name called out over the tannoy. Hereafter the customer is charged a waiting fee of €3,00 per every 15 minutes. If the customer does not turn up at the meeting point 75 minutes after landing the driver is allowed to leave.

4. Prices

The prices are those stated in our current price list. We reserve the right to correct any calculation errors. Special offers/package deals are only valid for a short period of time and for specific bookings.


5. Payment

Payment is due after the journey has been completed. If the sending of an invoice has been agreed, payment is due on receipt of the invoice. The invoice has to be paid within 10 days by bank transfer (please state your invoice number and customer number).

6. Cancellations

If a booking is cancelled we may charge the customer for costs already incurred. This also applies if the customer does not undertake the journey as stated in the booking.

Cancellation options:

a) Cancellations up to 48 hours before the booked journey are free.

b) Cancellations up to 24 hours before the booked journey are charged at 50% of the price of the journey.

c) Any cancellations made after the times stated above or bookings that have not been cancelled will be charged with the full amount of the price of the journey.

If a journey cannot be undertaken on time due to unforeseen operational circumstances the customer may order a taxi for himself after waiting for a reasonable period of time (15 minutes) and after consulting our main office. HLS will then compensate the customer for any differences between the taxi fare and the price of the original booking.


7. Compensation

HLS is not liable for compensation if a journey cannot be undertaken due to circumstances beyond HLS’ control, e.g. force majeure, traffic jams, vehicle breakdowns, extreme weather conditions, etc..

HLS is liable for damage to property for up to €1,000 per person. HLS is liable for personal injuries in accordance with our property and casualty insurance. A condition for HLS’ liability is gross negligence and intent or a culpable violation of essential contractual rights and duties by HLS or one of our employees. Any complaints or claims are to be submitted in writing to our main office immediately or within one week at the latest.


8. Prohibited Use

Vehicles owned by HLS are prohibited to be used for:

a) transporting hazardous substances of any kind

b) carrying out criminal offences within the German Penal Code (§1-9 StGB Strafgesetzbuch)

c) for journeys which exceed the contractual use. The customer is not allowed to instruct the driver to use the vehicle for any of the purposes listed under point 8 a) to c).


9. Changes and Modifications

We supply the vehicle in accordance with the booking. HLS reserves the right to substitute the vehicle if the booked vehicle cannot be supplied due to operational circumstances or objective impossibility.


10. Data Storage

The customer agrees that HLS may store his personal data for company purposes.

Our general terms and conditions remain valid, even if individual provisions thereof are or become invalid.

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